Hue – Home Decor Paints

Derrick Lin


Design: Meghana Reddy
Location: United States
Project Type: Commissioned work
Packaging Contents: Home Paint
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tin

Hue paints brings an environmental friendly solution to the paint market. Not only is the paint natural and non-toxic, but contains zero VOCs, volatile organic compounds. Hue paints is convenient, long lasting and completely biodegradable.

For the packaging design I created line drawings of different interior environments. The inspiration for these designs is a unique take on childrens coloring books, where they can choose to paint/color their drawings in their own artistic way. Similarly, the packaging designs for Hue, allows homeowners to create their colorful little spaces in patterns and tones that most appeal to them. The rich hues gets consumers excited to start their own painting projects on the walls of their home.

I also decided that the labels would be printed on special paper and wrapped round the paint tins to highlight the ‘craft’ element of the paints. This is another departure from conventional tin design, where the label is printed directly onto the metal.