HUONG – Incense

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Design: motchutmy
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Incense
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper box
Printing Process: Digital printing

Burning incense has been a long-life custom of Vietnamese people.

Many families burn incense every day as a wish for fortune and favorable business. Burning incense are indispensable images on the days of death anniversary or worshiping. At temples or in families, burning incense is considered as a way for descendants to commemorate and express their respect for their ancestors. They burn incense so that their grandparents in the afterlife are warm and full. Not only that, it is also believed that burning incense helps purify the living space to become purer and cleaner; banish evil spirits, welcome fortune and luck.

Huong not only brings people products for worship, but also gives a sense of peace, a space of relaxation and concentration. The name “Huong” not only shows the type of product which is Huong’s business (In Vietnamese, incense is “Huong” and “Huong” is called by people in the Northern Vietnam, “Nhang” is called by people in the Southern Vietnamese), but also is the aroma, the feeling of peace and relaxation through the sense of smell.

About concept of “huong”
The Four Holy Beasts are four mascots: Vietnamese dragon – Qilin – Turtle – Phoenix with extraordinary power created by the ancients from the four directions of heaven, representing the four main elements of the universe: fire, water, air and earth. Four sacred creatures images are used and depicted quite commonly in Vietnamese architecture from the capital, temples to living houses as a vivid status of these four mascots in the Vietnamese mind.

Therefore, it is popular to see the image of incense bowls (incense censers) with motifs of the four sacred creatures in places such as temples or on ancestral altars. In addition, in feng shui, the four creatures and burning incense all wish to bring luck, balance and peace in life. Thereby, Huong wants to use the four sacred creatures into design elements such as images that both look modern but still have traditional spirit and elements.

Symmetrical is the main layout, aims expressing the solemnity and tranquility as a “tâm” of incense; “tâm” – Respect from within, respect for ancestors, towards the source. “tâm” – Balance in mind. The pack is available in 4 version: Vietnamese dragon – Qilin – Turtle – Phoenix. The solid colours are eye-catching and create a high contrast with the keyvisual and logo. In addition, red and yellow are the two most characteristic colors of an incense stick in Vietnam. The material used to make the packaging is Art Paper and has the graphics printed over it by the method of digital printing.

What’s Unique?
Using the image of The Four Holy Beasts, the characteristic red and yellow color combined with the line art on the packaging, to both show the traditional features and the modern and solemn look.