Design: Byerlee Design
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Second Nature
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper label
Printing Process: Digital printing

Crafting expressive and ethical wines is merely ‘second nature’ to this new wine brand, reigning from McLaren Vale, South Australia. Their grapes are grown on sustainable vineyards and crafted with vegan friendly and minimal intervention principals. Second Nature’s objective is to offer expressive wines, which are honest in production and honest in price; just the way things should be.

This ethical and instinctive craftsmanship has been celebrated through an evolving range of striking geometric patterns on the labels. Vibrant pastels are assigned to each of the varietals throughout the range. Alluring in design; this playful visual brand language represents the grape’s unique journey to a well-balanced wine. Additionally, the design aims to evoke an appreciation behind the artform of winemaking; a tale of skill, process and passion.

The package becomes unapologetically alluring (especially when seen in numbers on bottle store shelves), but also tactile in feel with a matt high-build varnish added to the patterns. To further enhance the brand’s sustainable values, the labels are made from a raw uncoated paper stock and tasteful features of copper foil have been used for a warm and rustic appeal. Almost Scandinavian-like in its design-style, all typography has been executed in the same treatment; with a clean sans-serif used throughout. The wine’s taste notes are even minimalist in their formatting on the rear label – boldy and quickly conveying key characteristics to the consumer.

Finally, light-weight bottles were chosen to vessel the wines; specifically to reduce the brand’s footprint. Consistently utilising the same bottle shape throughout all varietals means many packaging costs can be minimalised and bottling facilities will charge lower fees on their production lines. This allows the brand to pass on savings to their customers, whilst also allowing the whole package to remain sustainable.