Britannia Treat Limited Edition

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Design: Tausif Ahmed M
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design, MIT ADT University
Tutor: Prof. Hari Kara
Packaging Contents: Biscuits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard and Aluminium foil

Britannia Treat started a Limited Edition series bringing popular cake and pastry flavours – Red Velvet and Tiramisu to the world of biscuits. Though the new flavours were exotic and different from the regular biscuit flavours, their packaging does not differ much from the other biscuit packs. Traditional cylindrical pillow packing of these biscuits does not make them stand apart.

This design project was taken up to redesign the Britannia Treat Limited Series packaging, giving it a unique and premium identity to justify the premium flavours in the biscuits. A new cake flavour (blueberry lavender opera) is included in the Treat Limited Edition series as part of the project.

The new design connects the user to the flavour via its packaging. The shelf visibility issues in the pillow packing are addressed with a cuboidal box design.

Please Note: ‘Britannia Treat’ or any other brand does not endorse, promote or own this project. The above packaging has been developed only for educational purposes. All rights reserved with the designer.

What’s Unique?
The new design of the biscuit pack has dimensions comparable to a pastry slice. The form along with the graphics renders the packaging close to the looks of a real pastry. The box with its unique opening makes it stand apart from the other biscuits arriving in cuboidal boxes. The box contains two small packs for easy consumption. The inner packages are made by heat-sealing aluminium foil wrapped around the biscuits. This packaging ensures that when the user consumes a few biscuits, he/she can close the pack with ease to prevent the remaining biscuits from becoming soft due to exposure to air.