Maybe Sammy Bottled Cocktails

Derrick Lin


Agency: The Bar Brand People
Box Production & Label Printing: Contain Design Studio
Product Photography: Foliolio
Location: Australia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Maybe Sammy Cocktails
Product Launch Location: Australia
Packaging Contents: Cocktails
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Cardboard Box
Printing Process: Foil Printing

Design studio The Bar Brand People collaborated with award winning Sydney bar Maybe Sammy to design the packaging for their suite of bespoke bottled cocktails.

The Maybe Sammy mixologists have perfected the craft of the ready-to-pour cocktail, and the packaging design needed to reflect the premium product. The labels are minimal and refined, with the custom debossed gold foil providing visual impact against the deep green of the box. The foil detail extends to the front and neck label, complimenting the gold lid.

The series features a trio of elegant 500ml bottles, with miniature 100ml versions of each cocktail. Every detail on the bottles and boxes have been carefully considered, ensuring the experience extends beyond the drink inside.