Nhang Xanh – An Gia, Loc Phat, Cat Tuong

Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: Jacob Le
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Incense
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard etc.
Printing Process: Digital printing

Set of 3 Nhang Xanh An Gia – Loc Phat – Cat Tuong

Nhang Xanh Brand, belonging to Zen Incense Joint Stock Company, was born in 2015 with the main product being clean incense lines, made up of 100% natural ingredients. After 5 years of unremitting efforts, Nhang Xanh has affirmed its position in the market with 2000 agents in 48 provinces and cities nationwide. In addition to the clean incense product lines, Nhang Xanh is constantly researching and developing new clean incense product lines, in order to improve the user experience.

Understanding the meaning of traditional smoke flavor for every Vietnamese family, in December 2020, on the 5th anniversary of its development, Nhang Xanh launched a new set of products that preserve traditional incense in a modern spirit, and at the same time Sending best wishes for the New Year to Spring.

An Gia, Loc Phat, Cat Tuong – Nhang Xanh Change sends best wishes to everyone

Inspired by the rustic fragrances associated with the Vietnamese people, the set of 3 Nhang Xanh sticks An Gia, Loc Phat, Cat Tuong are made from natural ingredients that are easily encountered every day, such as cinnamon, frankincense, flowers. Anise, cloves, royal calico, cardamom… .Not especially in the eye-catching design, full of meaning, the set of Nhang Xanh has just been released and the quality of each product inside.

With bold Vietnamese traditions and many meanings in each image.

Nhang Xanh An Gia
Peace is the foundation of happiness, a strong premise for fortune and prosperity. Towards the family’s core values ​​of health and joy, Nhang Xanh An Gia with cinnamon helps calm the spirit, regain emotional balance, and bring the whole family closer thanks to its cozy and familiar scent. , so that every day is a traditional Tet, Spring reunion.

Nhang Xanh Loc Phat
Bringing the message of bringing money and luck, Nhang Xanh Loc Phat products are harmoniously combined between the traditional scent of many folk herbs. Gentle herbal scent helps balance emotions, stabilize mood, think positively, contribute to smooth work, happy career.

Nhang Xanh Cat Tuong
Cat Tuong encapsulates the wishes of good things, complete convenience with the main incense combined with many precious herbs. The sweet and elegant incense helps the person enjoying the incense remember the familiar moments and cherish each moment with their loved ones.