RCPM – Remote Covid Patients Monitor

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Derrick Lin


Design: Mahmoud Jamal
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Smart Gadget
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plain – Cardboard – Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Since the beginning of 2020s, or even before, people have been suffering from Covid19’s infection, and according to the escalation of the virus spreading organizations, governments, nations and businesses got affected all over the world. Quarantine began, medical organizations started to try putting limits to that huge spreading of the virus, medical operatives have been more required than passed time, and business lost huge amounts of money, all aspects of life got effected by that quarantine, airports, and shipping stopped world-wide, and many more …

All these problems got me into thinking about a software solution to help get through this hard time, and propose it as my graduation project.

This software is RCPM – the project we have in hand today, offering remote monitoring software environment for those who are not finding well medical treatment or places to get quarantined into.

Me as a designer and the rest of the development team as developers, system designers, and system analysts held on into technology which is the easiest, most possible, and durable solution we have in hand for handling such problems in the times of crisis. So that, we tried to harness technology to create a platform solving the previous problems, and provide a full remote monitoring environment for both patients, and doctors to contact and get their communication channels in one place.

The remote monitoring environment is just offered by new technology which is a hardware based technology can be considered as a smart bracelet, but it is specially designed to match the technology. The design of the technology is simple, accurate, holding internal messages as hope, inspirations, technology, and relief to users, whoever they are patients, doctors, or care givers.

Our smart bracelet is design not only to match the technology with the highest accuracy of it, but also to be mostly financially suitable for users to hold over the expenses of curation.

The product goes through a process of usage, getting back, sanitization, and delivery to patients, and the cycle repeats. In the delivery stage of the process, the product is sanitized and packaged into a package isolated to help more containing the spreading of the virus.