Designer: Liger Pham
Photographer: Rafik Duy
Food Stylist: Ha Nguyen
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: Deme Brewing
Product Launch Location: Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Beer cans, bottles and six pack
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium, cardboard, glass
Printing Process: Digital Printing, screen printing

Deme Brewing is a craft brewery that looking fun, hip and inspired by Vietnamese street culture. They need to make packaging for their first ever beer that they’ve made: the Ba Hoa IPA

Their first beer is an IPA called “Ba Hoa”. It means mumbling, talkative, or self-flattering in a fun way. It also means “3 Flowers” in reference to the use of 3 kind of hops in that beer.

The goal of the packaging is to deliver the messages from the brand, the use of the big and vertically typeface is bold and unique enough to stand out from other craft breweries on the market at that time and the little hand-written description is a hint of street culture and the naughty side of the brand’s character on the pack.