Molli Gourmet “La fiesta”



Manufacturer: Molli Gourmet
Creative Director: Mauricio J. Martínez Delfín
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: HEB Stores Mexico-USA
Product Launch Location: Americas
Packaging Contents: Traditional “Mole Sauce”
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Backed Metallized Stand Up-Zipper Bags
Printing Process: Digital Prinitng

The project “La Fiesta Mexicana” is a project created in the development of a typical Mexican product: “El Mole”. The project aims to collect all the joy and color of Mexico and its gastronomic culture

El Mole and its tradition in Mexico.

El Mole Poblano: A dish originally from Puebla, Mexico, but which also shares its origin with the peoples of Oaxaca, where “El Día de Todos los Santos” known as the “Día de Muertos” is celebrated with greatfervor.

This is a festival of great color, gastronomy and flowers of “Cempasúchil”, with its characteristic yellow color accompanied by “Nomeolvides” flowers with Purple, Red and Lavender colors.

In Mexico, in addition to the “Mole Poblano”, there are also the Red Mole and the Green Mole.

The red mole is made with guajillo chili, sesame and cinnamon, ingredients that give it its characteristic deep red color, on the other hand, The green mole is made with pumpkin seed, serrano peppers and fresh vegetables, which adds an intense green color.

All these elements are included in the design of our labels and Brand.

The day of the dead is carried out throughout Mexico through dead altars, whose fundamental elements are: A photograph of the deceased people, “papel picado”, “skulls”, “food”, “water”, “candles”, fruits and especially the Mole Poblano.

Each of the components has a meaning, for example, water symbolizes the source of life; candles represent faith and hope, as well as illuminating the path of souls; and the banquet honors are the foods that in life were the favorites of the deceased.

According to the text issued by UNESCO in the declaration as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of this tradition, it outlines the following: “these preparations are made with particular care, since there is a belief that a deceased can bring prosperity or misery, depending on whether or not the way in which the family has fulfilled the rites is “satisfactory.”

The goal of the “La Fiesta project” is to honor these three Mexican moles, using elements of color, death and flowers in its presentations.

What’s Unique?
No other mole packaging design reflects our pre-Hispanic traditions, with the same color and joy. Mexico is color, tradition, fun and happiness. All is about ¡Fiesta!