Beej Patakha – Plantable Seed Crackers

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Derrick Lin


Design: Harshaa Mahapatro
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: 21 Fools
Founder oF 21 Fools: Divyanshu Asopa
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Seed Crackers, Hand-painted diyas
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled cardboard, FSC certified paper
Printing Process: Digital and Screen Printing

Diwali, from the very start, has been hailed as the festival of light. In India, it is one of the most important festivals and is celebrated nationwide. Firecrackers have become, over the years, an essential part of Diwali. Only recently are people realizing the harmful impacts of crackers on the environment. At 21Fools, the goal is to create environmentally responsible products that provide a sustainable version of celebration that is just as, if not more colourful & happiness-inducing.

The Beej Patakha box is filled with lookalike crackers that are made using waste cotton paper, live seeds and seed balls. These crackers, once planted, grow into plants like cucumber, mustard, onion, spinach, among many others. The package also contains hand-painted diyas, made by the craftswomen from the Jaipur-based Prajapati community. The box embodies the nostalgia of crackers while being a sustainable, earth-friendly option. We wanted the packaging to reflect the nostalgia, but to also give it a modern twist. The illustrations on the packaging are vibrant, bright, and depict the crux of the beej patakha experience. Seven illustrations show the crackers growing into plants and the diyas – which form the contents of the box. These drawings also appear as line-art on the concept note, for the audience to colour in. The pops of colour in the background draw one’s eyes to the box. The art & background take a pop-art route, which adds to the brightness of the festival, while also appealing to the younger generations. The box as a whole comes together as a riot of colour. We wanted the product to be a festive experience from start to finish, and for the packaging itself to successfully describe the product.

Beej Patakhas are a celebration of more than just Diwali. By giving back to the earth, they form the commencement of a new way of festivity. The packaging too depicts just that: the modern way of celebrating Diwali. Not with crackers, but with plants.

What’s Unique?
Beej Patakha is a Gift Box designed for Diwali – the festival of lights. It contains lookalike crackers that grow into plants- providing a colourful, nostalgic yet modern sustainable way of bursting crackers. It gives a strong message- to grow this year, not destroy. The packaging embodies the spirit of Diwali, with its bright colours and illustrations, which have colourful pop-art explosions. The illustrations also allow the audience to immediately understand what the product is, and what the box’s contents are. This was one of the main goals going into the packaging design. The box is made of cardboard, and printing is done using FSC certified paper.