Crème Feste Gelato

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Art Director, 3D visualizer, Graphic Designer: Louis Ngo
Art Director, Graphic Designer: Larissa Charlotta
3D visualizer, Graphic Designer: Tan Dinh
Graphic Designer: Huynh Dan
Graphic Designer: Linh To
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Student Project
School: Fpt Greenwich
Tutor: Mr. Trung Phan
Packaging Contents: Ice cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Crème Feste is a gelato brand in the US for young people who love the experience of gelato The brand’s guests will be immersed in the fun, excitement, and novelty like the atmosphere of an ice-cream party full of bright colours.

Crème Feste’s name is a combination of the French words “Crème” which means cream and “Feste” from Italian which means festival. This combination creates the image of an ice-cream party and wants to share this party with people everywhere. Moreover, our real goal is to turn an ordinary ice cream shop into a fun, happy & delicious party for everyone.

The main concept for identity is inspired by the confetti parties of childhood. Childhood memories of birthday parties are perhaps the most memorable, these are the joyful moments when we gather with family and friends and enjoy the lively wonderful confetti.

Therefore, we have brought the joy of childhood into Crème Feste in a more modern, fresh, and more experiential way by using bright and colorful pastel tones. These colors are like rainbows bounding up from bright and innocent childhood to the modern present. The logotype is also experienced in a round and playful and delicious way like at a party.

When we look at the blocks of ice cream containers, we suddenly think of the Tetris game consoles that we were given by our parents for our birthdays when we were young. Therefore, we have likened the boxes to Tetris bricks as well as childhood and fun ice cream gift boxes for customers. Inside each box contains 4 full sets of ice cream jars and is put into a tray to fix the jars. Moreover, the box, the brand’s key visual confetti is applied, creating a fun, wonderful, and reminiscent feel of childhood when customers hold these boxes.

What’s Unique?
The shape of compact ice cream jars, like children’s clay pots. The compactness creates convenience for customers when eating. In addition, the ice cream jar uses environmental protection paper. In addition, for large boxes of ice cream like Tetris, when they are put together, the word “Joyful” will appear, this is the same as when separating these boxes like dividing big joys into small ones. to customers.