Wall's Solero Trio Family Special Edition

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Design: Elsa Angelita, Eudora Fedorova, Maria F. Edita, Patricia Aurelia S., Yuni Angelyn
Location: Indonesia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Multimedia Nusantara University
Tutor: Harry Mores, S.Ds, M.M.
Packaging Contents: Ice Cream
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Acrylic, Corrugated Board, Paper

This project is a packaging redesign concept by Multimedia Nusantara University students for Wall’s Solero Trio ice cream product as our midterm exam assignment.

We thought that we could make something special with ice cream products. In Indonesia, 29 June is the date to celebrate National Family Day. This day inspired us to make a special packaging for consumers to celebrate National Family Day with their families by sharing ice cream together. Solero Trio has 3 flavours, which are coconut, mango, and guava. The three flavours used to be in one container, but we decided to separate them in order to help each family member choose and scoop their favorite flavour, but at the same time, enjoy the ice cream together with their families.

The primary packaging is an ice cream container, with fun, colorful, tropical design. Each design is different, depending on the flavour option. On top of the container lid, there is a label with a special typeface.

The secondary packaging is made of corrugated board. Its main color is red, inspired by Wall’s ice cream freezers.

The display packaging is inspired by ice cream display freezers, usually found in ice cream shops or markets. In an ice cream shop/parlor, customers are offered different kinds of ice cream for them to decide which one they like.

The packaging is made of transparant acrylic. The upper part can be opened like a treasure chest, the lower part can be pulled open to store wooden spoons or even extra toppings.