Design: marestudio
Location: Egypt
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: cardboard & Titanium gold
Printing Process: 3D Printing

Deraah is the national company, then, in the field of work, cosmetics and skin care, where it works permanently and continuously in the requirements of the market and keeps abreast of developments and developments in its field, and it is a business company, bearing in mind that this is the way through which the company establishes the place of its customers.

It became economical and economical.

  1. Perfume.
  2. Cosmetics.
  3. Oud and oriental perfumes.
  4. Women’s accessories.
  5. Men’s accessories.
  6. Luxuries.
  7. Hair supplies.
  8. Body care.

What’s Unique?
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