Music Note Guochao Wine



Musical Note X-An Ancient Design
Lunar Calendar Culture Interprets Lunar Calendar Wine

Enriched wine meets
Think again
Unforgettable Memories
Which is brilliant
Just wait for a friend
Just to combine this beauty and love
Present it to someone who can read it

Homepage background introduction: AWJS Music Note Wine is a popular Australian series of imported wine products in the country. Naturally, based on health conditions, a strategy is established. Based on this, AWJS Wine Marketing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Gu Yi Design jointly create AWJS News domestic wine series. From the perspective of consumer perception, the Australian series of products launched by the news need to be “medicated”, a brand-new product sub-brand “Mountain Flowing Water” to experience the theme’s main brand temperament.

/Bosom friend
Start with hope
Ended with abundance and tenderness of time
Countless days and nights of fermentation precipitation
Let every bottle of wine have an extraordinary life
Created nowadays 绻man dance on the tip of the tongue
Didi Zhenzheng chanted by the taste buds

Just to
This image of beauty and love is for those who can understand it
The strong wine does not show up
Just for friends

Guyi Design provides the following services: Transportation
Big single product strategy
Re-creation of the essay name
Packaging illustration design
Wine label design food
Gift box design
Product presentation

Graphic design: Inspired by our performances, the childhood period of music appreciation, and the reciting and sympathy of the best friends through the ages, we express our blessings and wishes of “you meet your confidant and meet your confidant”. The red and blue classic contrast color combination, matched with the national trend style, not only brings the memory and impact of the pictures and vision, but also the sincere enjoyment of colors and emotions.

Wine packaging design: In the specific implementation of the domestic wine packaging design, the packaging is packaged with a full package of thermoplastics. Compared with the packaging design of visual packaging, our product packaging has plasticity, performance plasticity, and can be designed in October.