Dr. Hansen’s Place


Ереван, Армения

Dr. Hansen’s PlaceThis is a very interesting story about a new concept brand that was created in 2022. Mr. Hansen’s grandparents were living in Chicago, US for more than 20 years, so when he was 12 he moved to US and lived there for about 10 years. When he was studying in college he used to help his grandparents to run a small cafe in Chicago. After returning to Latvia he became a well-known specialist in the motor vehicle industry. But he had a dream to open a concept cafe or restaurant in the city. After researching the industry he decided to buy a small cafe. Only in 2021, he was ready to rebrand it and make his wish come true.

The first zoom meeting with Mr. Hansen was held in 2021. Soon after a week, we generated the main concept of brand identity and strategy. All ideas were expected and welcomed by the customer. While naming the project our copywriters suggested Mr. Hansen’s name to express the full definition of brand ideology. The logo design is done in a special shape form without using any other graphic symbols. While exploring the business strategy of the cafe we decided to use a red car symbol to underline the delivery status of the brand.

The company is planning to open as many branches as it is necessary for all districts of the city. As the owner says fast food has to be everywhere. Another exclusive offer is the sushi menu which is made by the best sushi makers. So while expressing this offer our creative team named it ‘fresh and fast’. By ordering sushi sets one can discover the best quality and taste in Latvia. The identity of the brand is smart, so each year can be added for different strategies and offers. Our interior designers started to make the concepts for Dr. Hansens Place. Hoping to finish the work this summer. Also, we’re making special designs of packaging for the brand. All these products will be available in the concept store in autumn.