DuWarf Premium Beer


Ереван, Армения

We were asked by a very famous brewery situated in Georgia to create a very special bottle packaging and brand naming for a new type of beer which is brewed with top premium ingredients and is marked as export only for Europe and the US. The brief was to design the packaging of an amber bottle in 330 ml. format. As the company has already ordered the bottle shape we’ve decided to think of a new brand strategy and iconic identity. Once we defined a new visual identity for the brand,  we extended some principles for naming. As the bottle has only one size and one shape, the logo and the artwork are different only in color range. The naming was difficult for us, as it had to be simple and short as well. So the word and the definition of DARF are suitable but we’ve changed it to Du Warf and at the end to DuWarf. The logo is hand-drawn and the shapes are traditional. Two colors red and green are separating lager and dark beer bottles.

Designing DuWarf’s packaging is an artful fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. The label showcases a timeless logo, symbolizing our commitment to premium quality. Earthy tones and sleek lines evoke a sense of refinement, while the 330ml bottle itself is crafted for both style and convenience. Unveil the essence of DuWarf with packaging that resonates with the spirit of exceptional beer

Introducing DuWarf, a 330ml masterpiece in beer packaging. Crafted with precision, our bottle not only holds exceptional brew but also embodies sophistication. Elevate your drinking experience with DuWarf – where innovation meets the classic taste of premium quality. Cheers to a blend of tradition and modernity in every sip!