Ереван, Армения


Beer is one of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. Beer was spread through Europe by Germanic and Celtic tribes as far back as 3000 BC.

Germans have always been recognized as brewing artisans. In 1979 a dreamer and beer lover Mr. Koch moved to Munich from Praga and opened his legendary grocery store in the suburbs of the city. For more than 20 years he was retailing the best quality food products in the area. By the end of ’90s Mr. Koch purchased farmland near Munich and started to brew craft beer special for the grocery store.

Last year his son started a new concept business idea which will allow opening small breweries all over the world by importing the best quality german raw products for beer making. Plus by using this business concept applied businessmen can use the branded products offered by the main office which is situated in Munich. This is a very simple way to produce the best beer all over the world even in small towns. Without additional expenses on branding and marketing. Everyone can make his wish come true by applying to this concept.

For many months the creative team of TV LAB AGENCY is creating the platform ready to be used. It was created different basic types of packaging for beer bottles that are used by the company. The first presentation of packaging which was called SCIURUS (the Latin meaning of squirrel) was made for the US market. Three main types of beer were selected for this market.


Traditional Munich-style Lager is a bright, clean, malt-driven beverage brewed with the finest German malted barley.


Kolsch is a crisp, well-balanced blend of select German malts, noble hops, and top-fermenting yeast. This results in a light-golden colored, refreshing beverage with just a kiss of hops at the end.


A session-able, low-calorie German-style lager that doesn’t sacrifice flavor! The perfect balance of malt and hops delivers a floral and slightly sweet aroma, a smooth light body, and a clean, dry finish.

For these beer packaging designs we’ve used colorful solutions, hand-drawn characters and graphics.