Ереван, Армения

Mr. Theo is a new concept brand specializing in producing, blending and trading very special tea blends for European market. The range of the production is divided into three sections. Presenting the first line of Mr. Theo tea, which is made by the best quality tea leaves from China and Sri Lanka.

The selection of Mr. Theos’s first line is a concept idea of best traditions and quality. Black Tea, Green Tea and Earl Grey are approved by the customer and are ready to be produced. While making the mood board of this packaging design our creative team members decided to explore the process of tea blending. After a week the idea of Mr. Theo was formed. The brand needed a minimalist, modern and traditional look in a European way. Hand drawn human illustration of a man who is traveling all over the world shows the way how a taste of tea is expressed in different countries.  The different colors of the boxes are selected due to the difference in the type of teas.

Colour selection and design of boxes are created by using visual language which creates a direct connection with the traditional and modern ways of showing the idea of exclusivity.  We also chose matte design paper to present a more formal and special look of the product to the audience.