Ереван, Армения


Located in Yerevan THE COFFEE 23,5° is a  coffeehouse and coffee importing, roasting company that is one of the best in Armenian market. For more than 5 years this brand is famous for it’s best quality and service. Wide and fresh range of coffee beans from best coffee producing plantations all over the world are carefully imported for making the best blends for coffee lovers. Even the brand name shows latitude, longitude of geographic coordinates where the best coffee is grown on our planet.

Last year the company decided to rebrand and add new products to it’s wide range.

The rebranding style and new mood design ideas were created by TV LAB team shortly and were approved by focus group and the leaders of THE COFFEE 23,5°.

Coffee brand owners strongly believe that good coffee is the most important drink in the world) There are many important steps in creating a great cup of coffee – from a farmer taking care of freshly grown coffee beans, to a roasting process getting the best results.

Best quality, taste, and uniqueness, along with good packaging, are the solutions to make the product delivery in a high-quality way. The final result is when the buyer, sees the packaging in the showcase and choose it and afterwards enjoys it.

While designing this project our team members created different types of packaging box samples. In the end for ground roasted and espresso coffees were chosen a sealed plastic bags- doy packs in metallic and opaque background layers.

Our initial idea generation started from the naming of products that were chosen by the brand.

In order to show and select the types of coffees which were named after Armenian old cities our designers use the graphics of old Armenian ethnic patterns and characters. All sketches were done manually by  pencil and then digitalized in the final stages. Geometric shapes special pantone colors and hand-made fonts make the design layouts perfect.

So all these processes are completed with good quality packaging design at the same time bring innovation and new wind to coffee range of the brand.



Ереван, Армения

Art director -  Artur Zakaryan