Melitta Manufaktur Coffee

HAJOK Design

Mühlenkamp, Hamburg, Deutschland

Melitta Manufaktur Bremen, founded in 2020, roasts green coffees from small plantations and cooperatives. Traditional craftsmanship, high quality and a passion for select coffee varieties characterise the new Melitta brand which is aimed particularly at coffee connoisseurs. The speciality coffee designation may only be awarded if the so-called SCA score, which describes the quality class, is particularly high.

All of these positive and unusual features had to be reflected in the packaging design. The pleasure of coffee is an aspect which is a firm part of the traditional Melitta umbrella brand. HAJOK’s task was to visually convey this pleasure on-pack. The Melitta Manufaktur Bremen new sub-brand stands for three different product lines, which address the needs of different coffee enthusiasts. The packaging design has to communicate the origin and individuality of each variety whilst achieving strong branding with high recognition.

The coffee packaging’s paper structure implies naturalness, value and enjoyment with an appealing contrast created by the label. Each regional variety tells its own story with animal illustrations and geographical coordinates of the countries of origin. The intense, deep colours and the breaks in the font used in the variants’ names are unusual and very self-confident. The larger 500g packs feature soft colour hues and a minimalist rendition of a coffee plant. Clear information architecture and neon highlights which convey the pleasure of a good cup of coffee are the connecting elements of the brand system, uniting the two product lines. The speciality coffee score demonstrates each product’s premium grade in an understated style that graphically illustrates that it is a rarity. High quality, handmade and with great attention to detail – everything that characterises the new Melitta Manufaktur Bremen brand variants is also reflected in the packaging design created by HAJOK and is guaranteed to please coffee enthusiasts!