Suan Thau Tshen Craft Tea

If tea is compared to people, then “shan tou chi” is the temperament and personality of tea, and it can also be regarded as the life energy or breath of tea. Even if it is the same tea variety, if it is planted in different areas and altitudes, then The flavor of tea will also change, just like people will develop different characters and charms due to different regional cultures and growth backgrounds. “shan tou chi” is a word that includes all the stories of tea. People who love tea rely on Take your taste buds to taste the stories written by nature in tea leaves. Tea will tell you how the wind blows in its hometown, how bright the sun is, how cool the dew in the morning is through “shan tou chi”. It is the most romantic and charming thing for all tea lovers in the process of tasting tea.

The concept of packaging design comes from Chinese landscape paintings, hoping to present the planting environment of tea in the mountains in a more intuitive and interesting way. The visual identity extracts the color expression and spirit of Chinese landscape paintings. Through the arrangement of the packaging boxes, we can piece together a picture such as The general display design of landscape paintings hopes to enable consumers to more strongly and directly feel the majesty of tea gardens and mountains, the flow of air in the aesthetics of landscape paintings, and the imaginative visual performance of the natural environment.

A section of green in the visual identity design not only hopes to express Chinese aesthetics in a more modern and abstract way, but also echoes the brand name “Suan Thau Tshen”, which means green on the top of a mountain in Chinese, which is also an interesting and intuitive way of expression.