Cinco Jotas – Limited Edition by Ángel Schlesser

Origin and haute couture in a reusable packaging

The Cinco Jotas Acorn-fed 100% Ibérico Ham is considered one of Spain’s national treasures. For over 130 years, Cinco Jotas has maintained a natural artisanal production process for all its ham, preserving expertise and traditions acquired over the span of generations.

At Morillas, we were challenged to create the 2020 Limited Edition pack for an exclusive selection of 50 units of hams carefully curated by the Cinco Jotas Master ham carver.

Hence, to reflect the brand values and associate them with sophistication, and craftsmanship, we ideate a truly creative proposal: use the haute couture to create a unisex, multifunctional, and timeless maxi-bag handmade for carrying home the Cinco Jotas ham.

We ideate this fashion accessory paying homage to the shepherd shoulder bags, traditionally used as they graze their flocks, evoking the recurrent values of sustainability, tradition, craftsmanship, and expertise with Cinco Jotas. In this way, we reflected its great talent for designing unique creations made by master craftsmen, while reinforcing the brand’s connection with origin and terroir.

With the idea fully approved, our team started a search for the best Spanish haute couture design firm, who could ground our idea and create and manufacture this maxi-bag. Finally, we had a strong connection with the prestigious Angel Schlesser team, led by the talented Juan Carlos Mesa, the creative director. Soon, they shaped an astonishing minimal timeless maxi-bag made with

the finest local and fully traceable materials; made from sustainable premium quality merino wool and the highest quality handcrafted eco-friendly leather.

Moreover, considering the environment and the value of reusing of materials, this maxi-bag was carefully designed to adapt it to the carrying moment of the ham with a weight such as 9 kg, also become the convenient accessory for all the leisure and travel moments of daily life.

A reusable proposal that transcends beyond a simple packaging. A haute couture piece with plenty of simple forms of pure minimalism, geometrical simplicity, and versatility that become the starting points to convert this packaging into a haute couture accessory worthy of being desired. A co-creation process to convey the savoir-faire of the brand, and an ode to origin and legacy of two brands that are standard-bearers of excellence.



Agency: Morillas Branding

Product Design - Ángel Schlesser @aschlesser

Photography - Nuri Garre @nurigarre

Production - Lunartic @lunarticproductions