Focusing on the natural fermentation and charcoal roasting properties of Pu’er tea, the concept is condensed into: Yunnan Pu’er, subtropical rainforest, alpine ancient trees, the essence of sun and moon. Hand-picked, skillfully fried, kneaded, dried and autoclaved, the leaf shells are aged. Utilizing the characteristics of Chinese hieroglyphs, words and graphics that symbolize origin, nature, and craftsmanship can be used as a whole with the conceptual discourse of the brand and product, or presented individually.

The outer packaging is made of betel leaf sheaths, the inner packaging is made of natural bamboo shoots, and the external use of Pu’er tea leaves is used as a filler in the form of bookmarks. The inkless carbonization engraving process is used for printing (reflecting the characteristics of charcoal roasting), and the pure natural packaging material provides a good microenvironment for the fermentation of Pu’er tea, highlighting the advantages of the product.