Muntanyola – Flavours that evoke emotions

In Morillas we are glad to have the opportunity of working with special and collaborative projects full of illusion, dedication, and commitment, working together to create such extraordinary things. In this way, we are here to show one of our special projects for Ampans, a foundation that supports people with functional diversity by collaborating and working with them to create different projects, such as the Muntanyola range of artisanal cheeses.

Muntanyola needed a redesign that boost its values of closeness and craftsmanship. So that, our team got down to work and gave the brand a more artisanal and traditional visual identity through a set of sophisticated and subtle details that kept the brand’s essence. Examples of that are the use of more natural and less saturated and vibrant colours that helps to connect with the audience more softly,

the addition of texture on the paper that highlighted the artisanal approach and reflect the handmade process, or the use of more gestural and closer typography. Furthermore, to reflect the inclusive approach of the project, we use different adaptations of the logotype for the different products -depending on the range -, what’s more, we shape a simpler codification for the brand’s range using different colours depending on the reference, and we mark the added flavors with a colour band.

An extraordinary work that also included the rework of the brand’s claim, creating “sabors que il·lusionen” as the main tagline – flavours that evoke emotions in English – reflecting all the dedication and warmth that can be found behind this committed cheese.