Experience the illusion

Optasia (in Greek) is referred to as an illusion, something that does not exist but is currently believable due to an exaggerated imagination or other cause. Another interpretation of naming is a metaphorical meaning of the word “fantastic” that defines the quality and excellent taste of the product. Inspiration and design vehicle in the approach of identifying the artistic movement of contemporary art Op-art or otherwise optical art.

The style of art that uses visual illusions. Most op-art works are in black and white. They usually give the feeling of movement, of hidden images, with the use of repetitive patterns. The logo with the visible and hidden elements on the glyphs refers to the view of the visible and the invisible.

The container label has 2 aspects:

  1. On the outside, the meteor logo on a wide white surface reflects the purity of the taste.
  2.  Three different optical illusion illustrations have been designed for the interior.

The reflection of the designs in the hollow points of the container combined with different points of view creates the desired imaginary landscape that is at the same time in motion. This visual game continues when the contents of the product are emptied and another variation of the design appears due to the lack of refraction from the liquid element. In areas with bright light, they are dimly visible on the front, presupposing the viewer of their hidden existence.