An obscenely good cookie launch

MF Kookies swears their cookies are incredible. They bake them fresh and freeze them, so you can have homemade cookies anytime, because the best homemade cookies are the ones you don’t have to make.

Our brand strategy pairs compelling and humorous copywriting with playful illustrative cookie packaging design, showcasing the cookie Mom and founder of this mother f*#@ing brand. The cookie brand’s identity showcases the MF of MF Kookies, founder and mother, Maryfran, in a playful yet chic illustration that is memorable and lures you in provoking laughter and curiosity. We created a custom sleeve for the single servings, as well as a hinging half dozen box for easy shipping and storage in a freezer. The brand’s color system is rooted in flavor-inspired tones, with a bright accent for each delicious cookie recipe.

The results are undeniably attention-grabbing on a retail shelf and online.


Creative Director: Nicole LaFave
Copywriting: Zach Golden
Designer: Audrey Green
MF Kookies