Real Food Dressing

Farmhouse Lab makes vibrant small-batch dressings, consciously sourced and handcrafted in California. The challenge: redesign a cpg pantry product that brightens everything it touches while emphasizing the high-quality ingredients and versatility of each dressing.

Our team partnered with the growing Bay Area brand for a branding and packaging redesign, as well as reimagining the brand voice and copywriting. We crafted a launch that evokes approachability and warmth and craft quality. The results are vibrant and look gorgeous on your kitchen counter.

The new packaging design matched what’s in the bottle: Simple, high-quality, and imaginative recipes. We paired hand drawn illustrated elements with clean, modern layouts that emphasizes the premium nature of the dressings. The brand’s new voice became fresher, more fun, energetic, and encouraging, befitting of a brand that packs so much good into a little bottle.

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Creative Director: Nicole LaFave
Designer: Audrey Green
Brand Voice & Copywriting: Zach Golden
Farmhouse Lab