Copow Meal Delivery


Launching the world’s most colorful meal delivery branding & packaging design

Copow believes that diets don’t work, but vibrant, colorful food you actually want to eat does. Their fresh, seasonal meals are packed with color and bright flavors that will help you eat right without even knowing it. We partnered with the start-up to launch their beautiful meal delivery website with an attention-grabbing brand identity, a powerful name, compelling messaging, and bright packaging design. The results – a gorgeous meal in a package you don’t have to cook, and that makes it easy and delicious to eat better.

We delivered a custom packaging design system using a seasonal color coded strategy that celebrates the meal’s colorful ingredients. Each seasonal menu is assigned its own brand color and the packaging design and website colors change with each season, so you know you are always shopping for the freshest food in season for you and your family.

The packaging suite includes a sleeve for individual meals and a branded catering box experience with a fully custom structure including a tray insert that cleverly holds your utensils and sauce. We also designed Neopow by Copow’s kid’s meal sleeves and custom lunchboxes. These include a tray insert system for packing flexibility and a convenient handle for your little ones to grab on-the-go.

The words color + power were combined to create an action-inducing memorable brand name, further tying back to the brand’s strategy on colorful ingredients and powerful nutrition.

The art direction for Copow’s photography is fresh, bright, and colorful. The brand’s social media and custom e-commerce meal delivery website, balances modern clean photography with vibrant visuals. The playful copywriting leads you through an easy and eye-pleasing experience browsing weekly menus as you place your subscription orders online.

Copow’s impactful packaging design was recently named on the shortlist for the 2022 global Dieline Awards, a highly competitive and prestigious annual packaging design competition. Our work also named Copow as a winner in the 2022 Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) American Package Design Awards