Ethiopian Food Anywhere– Shirowhat


Shirowhat is a proud Ethiopian and woman-owned company that believes food is about new experiences and spreading joy. The founder, a nurse, who immigrated to the U.S. when she was 18, aims to share the Ethiopian spirit of generosity and a taste of her home to the masses.

Design Womb partnered with the company to deliver stand-out branding with memorable packaging design that celebrates the female face of the brand and her Ethiopian roots. We crafted the branding and voice in a warm and approachable tone to U.S. consumers that are less familiar with Ethiopian food.

Shirowhat’s brand identity is inspired by the face of the founder, and her friendly smile and warm nature. The hero illustration and modern typography pairs with handcrafted patterning. The color palette is warm, saturated, and inspired by the color of the brand’s dip and berbere, a fiery hot spice blend that is bursting with flavor that turns chickpeas into something incredible. We delivered a brand voice with key messaging that is warm and welcoming that positions the brand as a unique flavor sherpa, urging consumers to try something new.



Creative Director: Nicole LaFave
Creative Director: Josh Blaylock
Art Director & Designer: Hannah Slagle
Brand Strategy, Brand Voice & Copywriting: Zach Golden