VillaVictoria “Coffee Lovers”


VillaVictoria “Coffee Lovers” seeks to connect with “very coffee growers” who are aware of and really concerned about their environment and maintain a “green” attitude regarding their way of life. VillaVictoria launches a new range of high-quality selected grain “coffee” in the format of 100% biodegradable compostable capsules.

The elimination of plastic waste from the packaging of both the potato starch capsule and the kraft cardboard that does not have any type of plastic coating. This comes from sustainable forests, under certification, which allows them to be disposed of correctly, so that the product enters the recycling chain again, contributing to environmental sustainability.

VillaVictoria “Coffee Lovers” unites lovers of good coffee with respect for the environment. Through a graphic design of the packaging that graphically combines coffees selected at origin for the very coffee growers with awareness through the use of materials that preserve all the flavor while minimizing the environmental impact.