BRAINOLA — smart granola



Brand concept, naming, slogan, logo design, branding and packaging design for BRAINOLA.

BRAINOLA is a healthy enreached breakfast — granola with no added sugar, pré‎biotic and pró‎biotic fortified.

Name is created by wordplay: brain + granola = BRAINOLA.

BRAINOLA is a smart choice for those who love simple and healthy food. The slogan “Don’t be sweet. Be brainy” strengthens positioning of the product and tells us directly about the priorities of the consumers.

Thanks to pure ingredients, BRAINOLA is a perfect breakfast or snack! And there is no need to choose between taste or healthiness because you get it all at once!

Vibrant, talkative, clean and catchy packaging designs are built on typography and patterns which help the product to differentiate from competitors easily. The focus is not on the food zone, but on the slogan. The colors are juicy and modern, like the product itself. SKU ingredients have been converted into graphic primitives, using which the pattern is created to fill the right side of the package. The left side of the package is given for verbal communication. For plaсing on any shelf the packaging design was created with 2 different orientations of facing design: horizontal and vertical. Technical information is on the sides of the boxes. Product is presented in 4 SKU and 4 flavours: berry, dark chocolate mint, spicy pumpkin and tropical pineapple and coconut.

The design of the product is dynamic, vigorous, boldly, so it declares its positioning confidently and attracts daring and modern consumers who prefer smart solutions.