BAD GIRL wants to do GOOD — protein bars



BAD GIRL wants to do GOOD is a protein bars concept with a rebellious nature.

Push-ups, silicone, underwear instead of real forms – all this missed the idea of ​​​​the product.  Only drive, emotions, authenticity and sparkling fortitude. The target audience –  the girls who have been pestered with the phrase “Well, you’re a girl” all their childhood, the conquerors of the highest branches of trees, miss ripped knees, the very only girl in the wrestling team, the keeper of the golden slingshot and the owner of “that very character”.

The graphics is built on the contrast of dark and bright colors, as opposites of good and bad.  Therefore, each bar is symbolically divided into two parts.  The bad-good idea continues in the logo, which has both a devilish tail and a halo.  Each bar is accompanied by an ironic illustration that supports the rebellious spirit.

BAD GIRL wants to do GOOD — for weaker gender with a strong character <3