Zhi Zong – high-end camellia oil and edible oil condiment






The nutritional cost and taste of woody edible oil are retained to the maximum extent,

Committed to the development vision of “high-end planting and extraction technology, camellia oil for life”.

This design takes “Camellia fruit and technology” as the overall visual graphics of the brand,

While keeping the core recognition pattern and presentation style unchanged,

Adjust the parts of different positioning series products,

Save money on product development costs and market awareness costs,

At the same time, it satisfies the unification of product packaging visual system and takes into account the product recognition cognition of different stages,

Assist in the overall brand communication and product follow-up sales.

Creative director: Gao Peng Designer: Gao Peng illustrator: Gao Peng effect presentation: Gao Peng