Pu’er tea brand and packaging design

Focusing on the natural fermentation and charcoal roasting properties of Pu’er tea, the concept is condensed into:

Yunnan Pu’er, subtropical rainforest, alpine ancient trees, the essence of sun and moon. Hand-picked, skillfully fried, kneaded, dried and autoclaved, the leaf shells are aged.

Taking advantage of the characteristics of Chinese hieroglyphs, words and graphics that symbolize origin, nature, and craftsmanship can be used as a whole with the conceptual discourse of the brand and product, or presented separately. The packaging material is the natural bamboo shoot shell that is most conducive to the fermentation of Pu-erh tea. It breaks the traditional ink printing and adopts the carbonized engraving process (reflecting the characteristics of charcoal roasting), which highlights the advantages of the product.