Just Design

Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa


A true time-honoured masterpiece with so much to savour before you take your first sip.

In the world of luxury spirits, status and scarcity are the secrets of success. Just Design specialises in packaging that conceptually elevates brands and adds value and desirability through meaningful embellishment and enhancing the drinking experience.

Three Ships is a multi-awarded local brand that aims to lead the South African whisky revolution, offering pioneering innovation and exceptional quality. The brand’s master distiller, Andy Watts, is a renowned industry maverick who is continually experimenting with new processes and techniques. At the turn of the millennium – midnight 2020 – Watts had a spark of inspiration. He set out to create an aged whisky that would be a rare experience.

21 years later, the result was ready for bottling and needed a pack that reflected the prestige, the genius and over two decades of meticulous crafting.

Just Design came up with an Infographic styled, calendar concept that enabled a wealth of information to be captured on the carton. The design details tell the story of the brand, including all the highlights that have taken place over its aging process. An innovative experiential element is printed in duo UV inks that light up with a supplied torch. Inspiring engagement and memorability.

The circular navigating device proved so powerful that it became the concept for all marketing and was translated across multi media. Foils and textures, layers and embellishments all reflect the quality of the whisky itself.

As another industry first by Three Ships, the 21YO achieves the perfect combination of liquid quality and collectible packaging that will live on forever in the ever-unfolding legacy of Three Ships.


Just Design

Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Thelmarie Toerien
Senior Designer: Louwrens Venter