Problem: Many adults still don’t know how to poo. If you’re one of them, we’ll explain: you need to sit leaning forward, with your knees higher than your hips. The best way to do so is to use a 20 cm stool. However, most of them are made of plastic.

Product idea: Zewa creates a new ecological packaging for its toilet paper that also serves as a stool. The packaging contains 11 paper rolls and is made of a thick recycled carton that endures a human weight of 100 kg.

Instruction: To turn the box into a stool, simply remove the semicircles, take out the first roll, and put your legs onto the steps.

Ergonomics: When you’re done, move the stool close to the toilet, so it will not take up any space. No need to stare at Zewa’s logo forever — just turn the box over and enjoy the other side’s minimalistic design and play the Squatty Game.

Zewa. For all pooccasions.