Crazy Squirrel on the run


2000 Maribor, Slovenia

The story of Pét-nat is about magic and about a crazy squirrel that deserves special attention when it is released into freedom. Her mischievous character is captured in a lively and playful illustration.

The entire series of champagne labels appears in six different variations, where parts of the illustration are mixed.

To pair with the PetNut, we’ve created game 👉 .

Try it out, and with a bit of creative spirit help place the cunning squirrel back together!

Tip: We have found that a glass of PetNut helps a lot in solving the game 😉.



2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Creative Director: Goran Radinović
Illustration and Design: Nina Hojnik
Copywriter: Goran Radinović
Developer: Gregor Klevže
Project Managment: Petra Radinović