Athens, Greece

The icon (ξ): Xi is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet (uppercase Ξ, lowercase ξ; Greek: ξι). Its name is pronounced [ksi] in Modern Greek.

“Create a differentiated, memorable label design for our “no-name” wine that can attract consumer’s attention. We need to upgrade our cellar’s overall image and wine options, and we are looking for a design to help us bring a mid-upper flair to our shelves. Aiming to a wide range of consumers: From sober-curious drinkers to wine connoisseurs”.

Since there was no option for a name, we gave an exclusively design-oriented solution: a bold icon that looks like a personal signature style or glyph from the ancient Greek alphabet. With a playful and inviting tone, the icon is simple yet bold. It marks the label providing a distinctive visual identity to the product. The hot foiling stamp adds to the already elegant look. It creates a sophisticated and premium contrast with white craft paper.

Xinomavro (Ξινόμαυρο) PDO Amynteo is a varietal semi-dry rose wine from Greece. Its name –Xinomavro- comes from the words xino (sour) and mavro (black). The skin of its berries does not possess any vibrant tint. Be that as it may, Xinomavro surprises with its performance and multi-faceted personality, yielding “vin de garde” reds, dynamic rosés, aromatic sparkling wines, and even idiosyncratic sweet wines.

Client: Lidl Hellas
Launch date: 2022
Caparo DC:
Kostas Kaparos
Stefanos Papadimos
Aggelos Gourzis
Lazaros Tzovaras