Bien Nacido’s Black Tier Premium Wines

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

A Fused Label Design with Strong Detailed Embossing for a Premium Look

As a designer, I had the privilege to restyle the labels for Bien Nacido Estate Black Tier wines. The existing labels had become outdated and did not accurately convey the premium and exclusive quality of these elite wines.

To position the Black Tier on the top shelf where they belong, I aimed to create a classic and elegant design. I took an innovative approach, fusing two types of black pulp paper into a single label. The resulting texture and depth of the label ensured that it stood out on the shelf.

To add sophistication and character, I used strong embossing on the gold-foiled adobe house and Bien Nacido brand, creating a rich and detailed texture that makes the label a true work of art. The classic burgundy bottle with the black matte capsule and elegant golden stripe on top completes the premium look.

Throughout the process, I felt a great responsibility to preserve the character of these elite wines. It was crucial that my wine label restyle was both classy and elegant, while still reflecting the true essence of the Bien Nacido Estate Black Tier wines., a world-renowned printer, produced labels with exceptional precision and attention to detail. Their mastery of every aspect of the design ensured that the final product exceeded my expectations.

This project was an absolute honor for me, and I am humbled by the opportunity to have worked on it. With the guidance of Tommy Gaeta and his marketing and production team, every detail was perfect. Overall, I am proud of the final result and confident that these elite wines will now be showcased and appreciated as the premium products they truly are. This wine label restyle was an exceptional project, and I am thrilled to have been a part of it.