LOT13 Coffee Visual Identity Design

Lung-Hao Chiang

Make a cup of extraordinary coffee into a cup of influential coffee.

A collaboration between a social welfare organization, artists, and designers has resulted in 870 limited-edition coffee labels. Each bottle is a unique entity, echoing the “Alishan Zou Zhu Yuan LOT13 Competition Beans,” which are the only and highly precious exceptional coffee batch. Each coffee bean carries an abundance of creative energy and the vitality of Taiwan’s coffee industry.

The Typica variety holds significant importance in the history of Taiwanese coffee. Let’s connect the past, present, and future through the aroma of coffee, offering more love and care. We hope that through the influence of a cup of coffee, we can contribute to the local coffee industry, social welfare, and more. We invite you to savor the ancient variety grown in the original mountains of Taiwan, the Alishan Ruby nurtured by the mist of high mountains.

At the Alishan Zou Zhu Yuan, located at an altitude of 1,200 meters, the Typica variety represents only about 0.3% of the premium coffee grown in the mist-nourished coffee estate. Typica is a long-standing gold standard variety that has witnessed over a hundred years of coffee cultivation history in Taiwan. The exclusive “Alishan Zou Zhu Yuan LOT13 Competition Beans” introduced by cama café has even received a precious batch with a high score of 85.48 from the PCA International Coffee Evaluation. Collaborating with a social welfare organization, artists, and designers, we have launched a limited edition of 870 bottles in a charity collector’s gift box. Let the freshly roasted aroma become a catalyst for social care, enabling the priceless love to foster a cycle of goodness.