Athens, Greece

Nemea wine region is well-known for producing some of the most prestigious wines in the world. It is a renowned sub-region of the Peloponnese, Greece, with a menu showcasing an array of excellent wines. Lidl, the well-known retailer, asked us to create a wine label for a no-name Nemea barrique PDO wine aiming to approach a wide range of consumers. Considering the mid-upper positioning of the product (within the PL landscape), we exploited a kind-of disruptive creative route to gain stopping power and create a differentiated image for the product.

As wine lovers, we know that wine and storytelling go hand in hand. Without a name to support the wine’s concept, we explored the idea of visual storytelling. So we went deep into the local heritage and found inspiration in Greek mythology, the well-known Greek Gods, and the vine of Nemeas terroir to highlight this unique Greek variety. Based on these personas, we created a new, imaginary creature, like a mythological Greek god, and placed it on the label. It’s the god of Nemea’s vine.

The massively detailed illustration is full of playful and naughty connotations that work as a narrative tool for the product that helps it reveal itself. The illustration, combined with a low-contrast grey color, provides a sophisticated, balanced look. The UV printing details and gold foiling demonstrate elegance and premium traits, yet they are not distant from the customer base of Lidl. The final result helps the product stand out in the cluttered shelve primarily full of minimally oriented designs.


Caparo DC
Stefanos Papadimos
Kostas Kaparos

Konstantinos Gikas