This is a pure milk product suitable for young children. In the current social and educational environment, to encourage more parents to respect their children’s artistic talent, we have cooperated with young talented painters from several dairy farming cities in China to create six illustrations about cows: in their hearts, give What are the cows that they provide the nutritious milk like?
So, we used the outer p

The packaging of the milk as a canvas framed it in the form of a postage stamp and added the city and name of the creator with special care. Boxes of milk were sent to children and parents in the form of letters. Finally, the design proposition that parents value children’s artistic talent is completed.

From the perspective of brand design, Anmiwo hopes to give people a pure and elegant design experience, which is in line with the concept of pure milk. When displaying products on offline shelves, the artistic texture of the pictures can easily move parents when choosing products; in online competition, simple and bright colors create more opportunities for consumers to place orders. It is more conducive to the brand’s unique advertising method of fully “caring for children’s talents” in marketing and promotion. This thought-provoking packaging ultimately serves the purpose of empowering the mother customer base, which in turn better empowers the brand itself.