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Derrick Lin


You’re a sake lover, right? Then you know how awesome it is to pick a good bottle and label design. It’s not just about how it looks and feels, but also about what it says about the sake. The label design tells you so much about the quality, flavor and story of the drink. It’s also a way to show off creativity and artistry. Sake labels can reveal the personality, style, and vision of the brewery and the brewmaster. They can also celebrate the culture, history, and tradition of Japan and sake making. Check out these amazing sake bottle and label designs that will blow your mind!


In the old days, some breweries used to water down their sake before sending it to liquor stores. The stores would then add even more water before selling it to customers. People called this kind of sake “goldfish sake”, because it was so diluted that goldfish could swim in it.

But Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery, the maker of this sake, never did that. They always delivered pure and authentic sake to the liquor stores, who loved them for it.

“Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery is not a tiny ‘goldfish’ but a magnificent ‘koi’.” This project was inspired by the desire to create a splendid sake that reflects the values of Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery.

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SAKE AO KUMA by Emi Renzi

This design project features the Himalayan bear as an icon. This awesome animal lives in Japan and has incredible power. It also uses blue to show the gorgeous ocean that surrounds the island. The inspiration for this packaging design came from a deep research into Japan’s art, traditions, nature, cities and fashion.

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HITO TO KI by Aya Codama and Ryoya Yamazaki

Aya Codama and Ryoya Yamazaki wanted the label to show their passion for this sake, so they did something very cool. They used a special paper that changes when you heat it, and they pressed it with a part of the wood grain from the barrels. The paper became see-through and showed the beautiful pattern of the wood. Aya Codama and Ryoya Yamazaki made it white so it would look elegant and not too flashy. They also wrote the name of the sake on the side of the label, very discreetly. They wanted people to feel the label with their hands, not just read it with their eyes.

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The name “Miyoshi” means “fond of the three,” and it represents the three essential ingredients of sake: starting mold, rice, and water. It also represents the three important relationships of sake: sellers, buyers, and the public. Creative studio OUWN hope that this harmony will bring joy and peace to everyone who drinks our sake. The label on the bottle has a special meaning too. It shows the Japanese character for “three,” but it is actually made of three “ones.” This is because Creative studio OUWN believe that every step in the sake-making process is important, and Creative studio OUWN do each one with care and attention. The label is also shaped like a drop, and it has a window that lets you see the back of the bottle. How cool is that?

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Morillas Branding wanted the bottle to be as bold as their concept, and to reflect the space vibe. Morillas Branding thought about how to keep it safe and fresh in zero gravity, and they came up with a simple and elegant design. The bottle looks like a capsule with curves and symmetry. The liquid inside seems alive and magical. The cap is mysterious and minimal, with a special seal and pressure.

Morillas Branding also wanted our bottle to be fun and interesting from every angle, since there is no up or down in space.

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Red Saké is a total game-changer in the craft spirits scene. Square cans, a bold brand identity, and a heartwarming mission – what more could you ask for? Kudos to the design studio for their creativity, and a big shout-out to Red Saké for being a brand with style and substance. Cheers to good vibes and great spirits!

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It’s like a beautiful dance between modern and traditional elements. The product labels are like works of art, playing with Japanese patterns, colors, and that oh-so-stylish asymmetrical layout. It’s like a love letter to Japan’s heritage and the excitement of the present.

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BRAVE BEAR SAKE by Rafael Maia

The design process is where the real magic happens. Rafael Maia went all out to create something truly special. From the logo to the packaging, he poured his heart and soul into it. And here’s the super cool part – all the images are CGI! Rafael Maia crafted a whole virtual world to bring Brave Bear to life. It’s like they’ve built a magical realm just for this amazing sake.

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The design is all about keeping things simple and elegant, just like the beauty of minimalism. But here’s the kicker – they’ve added a super cool twist! Imagine looking at a cityscape through the window of a spaceship – how futuristic and mesmerizing does that sound?

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This design is all about capturing the essence of Japanese soul, tradition, and millennial wisdom. It’s like a celebration of the rich culture of discipline and good taste that comes with the sake heritage. I can imagine how the new identity will resonate deeply with consumers, fostering a sense of connection to the brand’s roots.

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