Portо Piatti. Italian values that are close to everyone


Development of a trademark with Italian origin that could compete with the original Italian brands.


Italy is an amazing country with a rich history and a unique culture based on family traditions and values. It is in these values that we drew inspiration when developing the brand.

We aimed to create a “family” brand that would be both Italian and understandable to the Russian consumer. A brand that would evoke only positive emotions. Therefore, we used “family” photographs that captured pleasant and familiar moments to every consumer: meals with beloved ones, meetings with friends, warm conversations over a cup of coffee.

The photo themes change according to the category of products and even specific SKUs. For example, a large family is depicted on the pasta packaging, while a loving couple is featured on the coffee packaging.

The name Porto Piatti is based on the traditional wooden dish in Italy, which is used to serve a variety of dishes.

The inscriptions on the packaging seem to be borrowed from the “family cookbook”. They remind us of home, delicious homemade recipes and complement the brand’s family history.

For each article, we have chosen a unique color to make it easier for the consumer to find the right product on the shelf. It is used not only at the bottom of the package, but also in product advertising. It also determines the overall style and mood of the food zone that should be present in this category.


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