Special Bee Secret Brandy XO

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This is a brandy from Chile. Originating from the Herzelan Winery located in the mountains of Chile, wild honey drips into the valley during brewing. These bees choose to build their nests on the cliffs to avoid natural enemies. In the 20th century, the local primitive tribes chose brave and skilled adult boys to use ropes to cut precious honey during the rite of passage, in memory of the tribe’s brave spirit.

The eighth-generation inheritor of Hezelan Winery hopes to pass on the spirit to the next generation and endow this product with a unique secret. So we took inspiration and incorporated the secrets of honey production into our products. We designed the bottle container in the shape of a bee pupa and carved hundreds of small nests onto the bottle body. The wild honey dripped into the valley in small doses during the winemaking process by the estate owner, giving off a faint floral sweetness amidst the rich aroma of brandy. In the design of the outer box, a three-dimensional embossing process is specially added to give the product a honeycomb element in touch.

Through the expression of bee elements inside and outside the packaging and product, it combines modern aesthetics with the inheritance of the tribal warrior spirit. At first glance of consumers seeing the product, they can perceive the sweet and happy taste of the special brandy.

Curator’s Insight: This brandy from Chile is a remarkable example of how packaging design can tell a story and create an emotional connection with consumers. The product is inspired by the Herzelan Winery, which is situated in the mountains of Chile where wild honey enriches the valley during the brewing process. The bottle container resembles a bee pupa, with hundreds of small nests engraved on it, giving it a unique and organic shape.