10 Packaging Design in Pink

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Derrick Lin


Ever caught the pink craze from the Barbie movie? Well, guess what? The pink party is rocking the packaging world too! Imagine your product in those fabulous pink hues – it’s like giving it a glam makeover that can’t be missed. Pink packaging isn’t just a color; it’s a creative statement that grabs attention and leaves an impression.

Ready to jump in the pink pool? We’ve handpicked 10 amazing projects from Packaging of the World that are like packaging rockstars. Your project could totally be the next headliner! Whether it’s cosmetics, treats, or who-knows-what, flaunt your stuff in pink and submit your design today. Let’s paint the town pink, one package at a time! 🌸💖📦

Haha Dental Positive Paste

The packaging is a delightful surprise, a burst of positivity that you wouldn’t expect in your usual dental aisle. It’s like a colorful celebration of individuality, urging you to embrace your unique smile. The pink hues and playful design remind us that taking care of ourselves can be joyful and liberating.

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Moca Cold Brew Coffee by Domo Studio

Delicate shades of pink dancing harmoniously, creating a visual symphony that’s subtle yet captivating. It’s like a gentle whisper of positivity, a reminder that even in the simplest moments, joy can be found. Moca Café e Confeitaria’s choice of typeface isn’t just about letters on a label; it’s a representation of their personality. It’s simple, yet it’s brimming with character – just like the baristas who serve up your favorite brew with a smile.

What truly sets this packaging apart is the emotion it evokes. It’s not just about holding a coffee cup or unwrapping a sweet; it’s about feeling a burst of happiness that extends beyond the taste buds. The packaging becomes a vessel of positivity, a tangible embodiment of Moca’s mission to brighten your day.

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Pinklab.Co by Widarto Impact

The heart of this endeavor lies in Pinklab.Co’s core – a brand identity that encapsulates simplicity, youthfulness, and natural charm. With aspirations to paint an international canvas, Pinklab.Co sought to redefine its essence. An essence that would resonate with customers, forge connections, and cement its presence. Enter the transformation – a holistic rebranding from logo to packaging, crafted meticulously by the visionaries at Widarto Impact.

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Mother’s Little Helper Vermouth by Thirst Craft

United Kingdom-based Thirst Craft weaves tales with design, and this time, their canvas is a glass bottle. Meet Benevolent Neglect Wines, a Californian winery, whose latest creation, a fruit-forward Vermouth named “Mother’s Little Helper,” is more than a drink – it’s a heartfelt tribute.

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Year of The Pig Calendar by MANMANTEAM Design Office Inc.

Peel back the layers, and you’ll find Pink Dudu, a pig that defies convention. Pink Dudu represents the unspoken struggles we all face. It’s the embodiment of our desire to fit in, to be recognized, and to find our place in this ever-spinning world. It’s a gentle nudge to challenge norms and discover authenticity.

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BONKERS by Zuruedge

Imagine the moment you stumble upon BONKERS on the pet store shelf. Amidst the sea of muted packaging, a burst of bold pink catches your eye. The packaging itself is a testament to the brand’s commitment to embracing the wonderfully weird traits that make each pet so endearing. Behind every package is a cast of cats and dogs – captured in candid moments of pure BONKERS magic. Their personalities shine through, reminding us of our own pets’ adorable antics.

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Queen&Mouse by Great and Golden

In a whisky universe often steeped in tradition, Queen&Mouse takes a bold step with a hue that breaks the mold – pink. This isn’t just a color; it’s a rebellion, a celebration of individuality, and a journey into uncharted taste territories. A sprinkle of pink foil on the elegant black box is like a secret invitation, whispering of the wonders held within. The tactile embossing adds a dash of charm, connecting you to the artistry behind the whisky.

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La Bassa by ByVolume

The vintage typography and timeless layout pay homage to Italy’s rich history, while the bold pink hue adds a modern twist, capturing the spirit of innovation that Brewfist is known for. The dynamic illustration style, echoing the Italian futurist art movement, isn’t just art; it’s a statement, a celebration of speed, and a salute to the pursuit of excellence.

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Low Grass by Luminous Design Group

The grass bends and sways, an homage to tradition, while the coffee cup becomes a vessel for connection. It’s like witnessing the dance of cultures in a single elegant stroke. The colors, too, play their part – green, a nod to the earth, the roots, and the tradition, while pink, like the spark in a coffee lover’s eye, adds that dash of exuberance.

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hellotaste by Design Studio Bob

Imagine a rainbow that exploded with zest and landed on supermarket shelves – that’s the color palette they’re playing with. Seventeen sauces, each a burst of personality, a paintstroke on your palate. Each sauce has a unique story, a visual identity that dances in harmony with the flavors. It’s like a gallery of tastes, a museum of yum. The names? Not your run-of-the-mill labels. They’re like a wink from a friend – “HEY YOU MAYO,” they say, or “WHAT’S UP KETCHUP?” It’s like the sauces are alive, with personalities as diverse as the colors they wear.

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