Chagong Rice in Zhefang Town, Yunnan

LionPeng Design Studio


The town of Zhefang in Yunnan has a very vast rice field, with fertile land where local special varieties grow. Its growth cycle lasts for 180 days, and the rice grains are large and long, with a crystal clear color like jade. It was awarded as tribute rice by Emperor Xizong of the Ming Dynasty, and the fragrance of Zhefang tribute rice can be comparable to any delicious cuisine. How to convey the brand impression of “high affinity and high quality” has become the key communication intention of this design.

The first impression is to attract consumers, and the specially drawn illustrations symbolize that every grain is hard, highlighting the emotional value of the “high affinity” of the tribute rice. As the first product of Zhangfang Gongmi, Zhangfang Town has been recognized by consumers for its geographical value. The next step is to break through the psychological level and generate an order demand. The packaging structure design specifically incorporates the most representative file bag form of the 1990s, restoring the memory story of the simple era, and adding details of the tearable seal to the product’s selling points. The overall packaging adopts simple color matching and design techniques, giving the packaging a “high-quality” feel.

In the dimension of brand endorsement, representatives of farmers planting tribute rice in Zhefang Town were added, echoing the brand impression of “high quality”; By hand drawing scenes of cows, farmers, and rice, it provides consumers with high emotional value. The overall design is elegant, simple, and efficient in conveying, providing consumers with clear purchasing logic and laying a good foundation for conveying brand impressions.