LionPeng Design Studio


In the field of fast selling products, raw food eggs belong to the pyramid level of existence, full of high standards, high safety, and high sense of value. To break consumers’ traditional perception of raw eggs, the only way is to make products more interesting, youthful, and memorable. In order to establish a brand mentality with consumers, it is convenient to quickly open up the market.

Starting from naming, high-end products convey an elegant and perceptible eating experience through the use of “ladies”. Create an IP image of “lady chicken” and start to grab consumers’ attention when making purchases. Traditional egg packaging, as an agricultural product, is relatively conservative in design. In order to create differentiation, we extract colors from traditional egg shell tones, giving a basic design sense that conforms to the egg positioning. Chinese is the best way to reflect the cultural confidence of a nation. By refining the selling points of products and carefully arranging information, the design of “5-second sales thinking” is spread all around, making sales thinking comprehensive in packaging and making products more impactful on the dazzling shelves.

Egg noblewomen can safely eat raw eggs, and the experience of tasting good eggs is like a noblewoman tasting the finest food in the world. The communication of this brand is very simple, but it reflects a thorough marketing thinking on the segmentation track of raw eggs. The taste of life is just an egg for a lady.