This is a Chinese Baijiu called “Laike”, which means “meet by chance, and the visitor is the guest”. Expressing the Chinese cultural tradition of welcoming hospitality, a bottle of Qionglai wine is a top-notch choice for guests visiting from afar.

The spring water during the brewing of Baijiu is blue against the blue sky, so this bottle is defined as “blue blue”, which visually shows the pure and clear wine mellow feeling. Divide the bottle into two parts and use the bottle molding process to engrave the Qionglai “bamboo weaving” culture on the back. Coupled with the poem “There is a restaurant in the depths of the bamboo forest”, create a unique artistic conception of drinking in the depths of the bamboo forest. The front carefully depicts the “Huilan Pagoda” on the bottle, symbolizing the liquor of Qionglai, which belongs to the level of the tower tip. It is paired with the phrase “Qionglai’s water is excellent for brewing”, forming a contrasting poem with “There is a restaurant in the depths of the bamboo forest”.

The bottom of the bottle is molded through glass, with the outer circle depicting the brand’s words, and the inner circle displaying the geographical latitude and longitude of Qionglai City. On the one hand, it showcases the historical origins of its brand, and on the other hand, it serves as an anti slip function when placing wine bottles. The silver plated neck sleeve at the bottleneck shows its identity as a “Qionglai liquor”, and the bottle stopper is made of local bamboo wood, which not only enhances the handmade feeling but also echoes the Qionglai “bamboo weaving” culture.

In the design of the outer box, black gold is used as the base to highlight the high-end texture. The pencil hand-painted pattern depicts an ancient scene of drinking under a bamboo forest, while showcasing the core theme of “There is a restaurant in the depths of the bamboo forest” on the front of the bottle, making this gathering full of conversation and hospitality. By refining the theme of “Qionglai Laike” from top to bottom and from inside to outside, Chinese etiquette is engraved on the blue bottle.