Amitabha·Relieve Collected Whiskey

LionPeng Design Studio


This is a whiskey brand from Scotland called Amicanta Sakon. The brand is committed to creating a high-end whisky image, and this design appeal stems from the brand’s determination to enter the Asian market, hoping to create a unique and culturally integrated liquor style. In the process of new product development, we were inspired by the origins of Scottish whiskey monasteries, which correspond to Asia as monasteries. The core of wine culture is to release emotions and restore the tranquility of the drinker’s heart, which coincides with the demand of seeking Buddha and burning incense in temples. Therefore, the appearance of wine bottles is organically designed in conjunction with the incense burner in temples.

The product design concept is based on the theme of temples, implying the Buddhist philosophy of not being arrogant when drinking. We deeply imagine the drinking scene and integrate high-end whiskey into indoor environments such as Michelin restaurants and high-end Japanese cuisine. Wine bottles not only can withstand high premiums, but also can be elegantly presented in the form of artistic decorations in the environment. Therefore, this design aims to restore the contour of the incense burner and express the beauty of the Eastern artistic conception. The double layer gilded eaves have a combination of rigidity and softness, and the details of the door eaves are of great ornamental value. The bottle body is deconstructed with Asian window ribs in a hexagonal shape, and sits on an elegant gilded base. The combination fully demonstrates the aesthetic art of drinking.


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